Our Mission

Norwegian Flying Aces vision is to convey the experiences of pilots and aircraft interested people through operating historic and unique aircraft in a professional environment.

Pilots at all levels can participate in Flying Aces program and be trained to fly the most iconic aircraft in history. Flying Aces will also convey the story around these planes to anyone wanting a ride as passengers in these historic planes.

Flying Aces mission is to take care of these aircraft for future generations as well and telling the story of the brave young men who trained and fought for our freedom in these planes.

Norwegian Flying Aces is located at the City of Notodden in the middle of Telemark. The airport is situated next to the beautiful Heddal Lake, surrounded by hills and mountains.

A layout familiar to our national folk lore and fairy tales. To the south, you’ll find a coastline with the most beautiful archipelago you can imagine. To the north the highest peak in southern Norway, Gaustatoppen. Below this glorious peak, you’ll find Rjukan and Vemork Power plant, where the most famous operation during the Second World War took place, «Operation heavy water» with the Heroes of Telemark.

With our surrounding nature and scenery, we guarantee our flights to be spectacular and breath taking and a once in a lifetime experience.