Stearman PT 17 LN-FTX

Prod year: 1934-1945

Number built: 10626

Max speed: 210 km/t

Seats: Two, pilot and passenger

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Boeing Stearman

Boeing Stearman Model 75 is a biplane. It was used as a military training aircraft during the 2. WW. At least 10.626 were built in the US in the 1930s and 1940s. The Stearman Aircraft became a subsidiary of Boeing in 1934. Boeing Stearman or Kaydet, worked as a primary trainer for the Army and Navy.

The plane’s body is constructed with a steel frame covered with fabric, wings and tail surface is constructed of wood (spruce) also covered with fabric.

The aircraft is a tail wheel aircraft, with a high center of gravity and a high wind resistance which makes it challenging to land especially in crosswind. The pilot sits in the rear cockpit and have limited visibility ahead at takeoff and landing. This meant that the pilots received special training in this. A valuable skill in the transition to fighters with the same challenge.

The plane was also used as an aerobatics trainer. Extremely solid built and can withstand high stress. Because of this powerful construction, the plane quickly got a reputation as a safe training aircraft, with a good chance to survive serious casualty. During World War II two planes crashed in the landing pattern and both the pilots survived. This says a lot about the aircraft construction.

During World War II 800.000 allied pilots received their basic training on the Stearman in the US. In 1941, a new Stearman rolled out of the factory in Wichita every 90 minutes.

After the Second World War, thousands of surplus planes were sold on the private market. They were used as crop dusters as well as sporting and aerobatics planes with wing walking at airshows.

Today there are about 600 operational Stearman planes in private ownership.

This particular plane is stationed at Notodden Airport and owned by Scandinavian Aircraft AS. Aircraft Norwegian registration LN-FTX.


Type: Boeing Stearman PT 17
Year manufactured 1934-1945
Max speed: 210  km/h
Max weight: 1200 kg
Engine: Continental 670-6, 7 cylinder radial engine with 220 HK
Total aircraft produced: 10626
Total aircraft survived 1000
Max altitude: 13200 ft
Wing span: 9.81 meter
Height: 3.0 meter
Lenght: 7.54 meter
Number of pax: Pilot in the back, passenger in the front

LN-FTX facts:

  • Serial number 75-4952
  • Motor Continental 670
  • McCauley steel propeller
  • Produced at the Boeing factory in Wichita, Kansas. Accepted 13. Juli 1943 by the U.S NAVY
  • July 1943 stationed at U.S NAVY N.A.S, Bunker Hill Indiana
  • August 1944 stationed at U.S NAVY N.A.A.F, ST. Louise Missouri
  • September 1944 discharged and sent to storage
  • February 1945 resumed duty at N.A.S. Dallas Texas
  • July 1945 over haul at A&R Depot, Dallas Texas
  • August 1945 stationed at N.A.S Clinton, Oklahoma
  • October 1945 cut from duty and sold as surplus for the price of for $ 635.20
  • April 1946 bought by West Air Company Yakima, Washington
  • September 1949 shut down and sent to storage
  • July 1957 sold to Bruce and C´ceal Coombs, Yakima, Washington
  • February 1989 sold to Wally Dier, San Diego, California – restauration begins
  • March 2002 first flight post restauration
  • February 2011, sold to Jon B. Roth
  • March 2011 baught by Scandinavian Aircraft AS, Notodden, Norge